Everyone has a Powerful & Unique Story to tell. Mine involves a lot of joy and great friends, but also a lot of conflict and personal healing. WHen of figuring out who I am and what I, in my truth, wanted to do with my life.

I am an Artist & Wellness Professional focused on self-care & healing the inner child. I have spent years studying, training, & improving my own health. Now I'm sharing these techniques with you through

my own

  Sessions & Workshops.

Each of my classes are designed to assist you in regaining inner balance, renewing strength, & revitalizing your body, mind, & spirit.

I offer a holistic menu for  corporate, community, family, & individual self-balance.  


Consultation, Stress &

Energy Management,

 Guided Meditation,

Positive Energy Yoga,

Pranic, Reiki, and

Multi-Energy Healing forms,

& Pure Tones Sound Meditation.

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