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to Help Unite Mankind

HUM was founded through Ashley Chase.  She channeled the need for an organization that not only taught about Compassion but how to

Express Oneself through Creativity and Create a Wellness Foundation.


HUM, means "We" in ancient cultures and communities abroad speak to each other as "we" instead of you or I.  They say hum. This term gives precedence when speaking about one, they speak for all as a community, which

Unites and Uplifts the Community as a whole and is a sign of respect.















Sound Journeys


Energetiks Movement

In 2017, HUM was introduced to a woman who was suffering from the reoccurring details of Septic Shock (sepsis), by one of our Energetik Yoga students. 

We began working with her bi-weekly, teaching her yoga, self-care regiments, and offering guidance for healing.

Her daughter also joined us on many occasions, and when the mother was not feeling well, we brought other intuitive healing art modalities to aid her, including Sound Baths, Energy Medicine, Chakra Balancing, Grounding, Art & Writing, and Space Clearing.

Throughout the past year and a half, we have helped this mother regain some control over her life and mind.   Volunteers came together to help declutter and move her and her daughter into a new home. 

It has been a long journey and she has a lot more life to live! 

We are hoping to service more people and communities in the future and need your help to keep moving.

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Thank you!

HUM is a network of conscious individuals who are bringing compassion to create a harmonious world. We are leaders, artists, and community members dedicated to making an impact locally while also working with a global service network.



All proceeds from HUM go to supporting the mission to unite and uplift mankind, to support and aid those in need, and to create from a sustainable heart.  With this education and that of our practitioners; the help of your support and our volunteers; we are able to serve the world.  












 Care Compassion Align Rejuvenate Express 


HUM, is a state registered non-profit and filing for federal non-profit status.  

Hearts Uniting Mankind