Dear Soul,
Today, I humbly cherish myself; I take time for my happiness and joys.
Today I celebrate my life.
Today I realize my self worth, my true purpose and potential by following what brings me joy. I open myself to receive whole love from people, abundance, and resources to help me create what I am here to create. 
Today I choose to be joyous, full of laughter, and during challenging times, I will choose to have faith, and have fun choosing to matter what comes my way. 
I am strong.
If situations get too much, and they do not feel right;
I choose to let all things go that no longer make me feel peaceful inside, happy, joyful, and light.
Today, I choose to let go of my pain and make choices that help me live my life for my highest good and the highest good of all.
Today I decide with righteous judgement and clear discernment to choose my output wisely, to ask for guidance and help in any and all situations, whether: physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual.
Today, I sit in my heart in the center of my prismatic lotus, and it is here I know my way.
I only serve, think, speak, and take action aligned with my highest self and heart, with unconditional love, to myself and everyone I hold dear.
I am aligned in each moment to be clear, in knowing, in truth, and in trust, with my known and accidental truths of who I am in each moment.
Today, I love and I trust.
AC ~ Ashes to Grace

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