"I had the honor to work with Ashley to help us incorporate mindfulness practices in our office (ICON Brand Design Firm). Our team was very impressed. They expressed much gratitude for the practice as it helped ease their stress and provided them more clarity for the work day. Besides helping us get in tune with our bodies, she is also an incredible creative and listener. Ashley is always willing to help in any way she can. I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley outside of our business on various projects and absolutely endorse her as an exceptional resource."
- Justin Keoninh / Co-Founder at Phiona Health
"Being an actor and filming for hours on end can take its toll emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Recently, Ashley and I happened to be acting in a music video together and she went out of her way through gentle touch and kind words to address the stress and strain I was feeling on set. She not only helped me better understand my own need for self-care but also significantly aided me in returning to the present moment, a skill every working actor spends a lifetime perfecting. Thank you Ashley for your expertise, attentiveness and compassion!"
 - Taylor Box / Musician & Actor

"Words do no justice for the magnificent community that Ashley has created to help the healing process in whoever attends her classes or does coaching with her one-on-one. Her Energetic Yoga Classes are not just run of the mill pose lessons, but allow you to get into the energies of your body so healing may start taking place. I always find a sense of peacefulness within myself after being guided by her in yoga.
The Sound Bath Meditations that 'Twilight Reveille', HUM(3M), & Ashley have given me mental and physical relief that I have not been able to receive anywhere else. As a combat Marine Corps Veteran that suffers from PTSD/Bipolar disorder. After long years of suffering through the effects of fundamental health care, it was a godsend for me to find Ashley, HUM(3M) & Twilight Reveille."

- Chris Henry / CEO Reveille Media

"I've been attending Ashley's yoga classes for almost a year already. She is my favorite yoga teacher! Her voice, her smile and the way she teaches makes me feel that she is born for yoga. I introduced a lot of my friends to her class and they all love her. Her class always makes me feel relaxed and grateful. This positive energy keeps my work and life happy. Thank you, Ashley!"
- Fei Yang / Model
"HUM is the epitome of years of preparation meeting a caring, nurturing environment whilst considering the optimum results for their clients. I have attended yoga sessions with Ashley, as well as a mass meditation at the Fox Theater, where Ashley Chase and Jennifer Proctor provided a Meditative Sound Bath with singing bowls. HUM is about the best solution for groups of individuals who are investing in their peace and healing, whilst enjoying the experience and creating a community."
- Gordon Wulff / Film Writer, Producer, & Entrepreneur
"I've been a regular at Ashley's classes for close to two years now and I have nothing but good things to say. Her classes are different from the yoga that I was previously used to, in an amazing way, that is a bit hard for me to describe. She is great at making sure everyone feels calm, restored, and energized by the end of the class. And she will make sure to bring you out of your comfort zone at least once if not several times each day! I look forward to her classes every week and I love being a part of this community."
- Carl Brenneisen / iOS Developer

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