Your Truth

is Your Personal Power!


The way light comes in

can shine through one or many windows.

Its the allowance of the light that creates our life.

by Xavier de Goursac

In times of trouble, we can feel alone, sad, depressed about the past or anxious about what the future holds.

Truly not living in the present. 

Blocking our light.


Without someone to share our stories with, we can experience a depth of loneliness that only a few know well.  A depth of suffering that looks so grim, yet when we take a moment to look back at our life - there is a purpose in it all. How is that?

Are you moving forward?

Are you creating happiness?

My name is Ashley Chase.  I am a compassionate, empathic intuitive.   I change people's perspectives and outlooks on life, by helping to regain their internal authentic power and feelings through creative energetic wellness healing, tools, and strategies.

My education is in International Fashion Merchandising Management & Design.  This taught me how to stay resilient during hard times, how to work with teams of people, and how to stay balanced and healthy while working in highly stressful environments. 

I was raised in a very loving home with my mother, father, and younger sister, but at a young age, I was diagnosed with epileptic seizures. These were extremely alarming to my mother, as you'd imagine, and to make things worse, my father was diagnosed with cancer shortly after that. Our mother was so strong, yet I could tell that she wasn't herself. I realize now that the health concerns that surfaced in our lives had triggered my mother's memory of her brother passing away early in her life.


I remember one life-altering moment that changed everything. It wasn't a super-power or a bolt of lightning from the sky. It was a kind, homeopath doctor that told my mother a few things to Completely Shift our Diet and Lifestyle. These changes in my food literally cured my epileptic seizures and put my father's cancer in remission. It was through experiencing this, that my whole life changed. I was raised with a knowledge of holistic medicine and a healthy, vegetable rich diet. This experience coupled with the practices I have learn world-wide to balance my personal chi & energy levels, have healed me inside and out. I am a living testimony for the power of the body and spirit to heal itself. I'd love to tell you more about my journey and help you in any way that I can with yours.

Blessings & Namaste!

~ Ashes To Grace ~

Dancing is just one art form that brings me tremendous joy.  I've realized dancing was not only an expression using the body's movement, but it is also how I live my life, interact with others, and dance in my truth. In the past, Fearful of what others would think, I would only 'dance' behind closed doors. I would only do, say, act in certain ways that would please others.  I betrayed myself and lost my way.

Everyone has a Powerful & Unique Story to tell.


Mine involves a lot of found joys and supportive friends, but these were found through a lot of physical and personal healing.  My story starts with figuring out who & what I am. 


In my life, truth and authenticity to truly be who I am in all ways, expressive, creative, compassionate, kind, and fearless, is the lesson, no matter what.

Creativity Gives Life to Our Projects. 


I work with individuals to support them through transitions and help them rediscover their inner joy in their life.

Below are some pictures of Corporate & Community Workshops, Sound Baths, Energetik Yoga Classes and Mindful Practices that are parts to my program.


My program, was designed through my own healing and now thousands of people and communities I have worked with too.

Personally, I healed through lost loved ones, cheating and abusive personal relationships, loneliness and personal struggles, leading teams to being lead by others and back up again, job loss and transitions, support and finding inner strength to build passion and joy yet again.


For more information, please contact me.

Consultations & Coaching

Sound Baths

Energetiks Yoga

Creative Consulting


Motivational Speaking

To Book, please contact Ashley


The Past & Present


Conscious Creative Design Director

In 2011 I fell ill, 

and being an artist without a wellness foundation left me in bad shape.

Today, I utilize a dynamic set of skills and design Creative Energy Wellness Programs, Products, and Productions to assist others, like myself, in reaching their own

Energetic Balance & Sustainability.


Once an Artist,

Always an Artist

















Creative Artist


My favorite joys are being creative, and I enjoy "playing" with others in beautiful ways.  I am here, a part of the world to inspire great divine healing and art as a channel, a woman, a girl, and a human.

I invite you to create what's in your heart again and again and restore you back to who you are, divine.


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